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Jobs for Non-Techie

Full-time Investment Professional (AVP) - Renewable Energy at SUSI Partners in Zurich 24-05-2017
Part-time Business Development Intern (60-100%) at QuercusApp in Zurich 24-05-2017
Full-time Zeichner (m/w) / Solidworks (80-100%) at TOFWERK in Bern 22-05-2017
Part-time Praktikantinnen / Praktikanten at Xovis in Bern 22-05-2017
Full-time Project Engineer Airports at Xovis in Bern 22-05-2017
Full-time Search Consultant (SEO & AdWords) at XEIT in Zurich 22-05-2017
Full-time Berater Digital at XEIT in Zurich 22-05-2017
Full-time Office Manager oder Managerin at Zense in Zurich 22-05-2017
Full-time Sales / Support Engineer (Customer Wizard) at Wingtra in Zurich 22-05-2017
Full-time Sales Development Representative at Beekeeper in Zurich 19-05-2017
Full-time Customer Support Manager at Sharoo AG in Zurich 19-05-2017
Full-time Business Developer/ Senior Marketer at Wealthport in Zurich 19-05-2017
Full-time Backoffice at noonee® in Zurich 15-05-2017
Part-time Verkaufsmitarbeiterin (20%-100%) at Exurbe cosmetics in Zurich 12-05-2017
Full-time Senior Sales Consultant at Enersis suisse AG in Bern 12-05-2017
Full-time Hochbauzeichner / Dessinateur en Bâtiment at draftfactory in Fribourg 10-05-2017
Full-time Technical Sales Manager at Decodio GmbH in Zurich 10-05-2017
Full-time IT-Support Helpdsek at Sellxed in Zurich 10-05-2017
Part-time Pflichtpraktikum im Marketing fur Freizeit App at Spontacts in Zurich 10-05-2017
Full-time Head of Online Marketing at Cleverclip in Bern 10-05-2017
Full-time Process Engineer at Coat-X in Neuchâtel 10-05-2017
Full-time Der/Die Kreative - Praktikum Marketing at SwissCommerce Management GmbH in Zurich 09-05-2017
Part-time Online Content Marketing Manager at EZYcount, Anywhere 09-05-2017
Part-time Business development manager at Residential Services SA, Anywhere 08-05-2017
Full-time Interactive Designer at bfox in Zurich 08-05-2017
Full-time Sales and Marketing Manager at Aquanetto Group, Anywhere 08-05-2017
Part-time 3D Artist (internship) at apelab in Geneva 08-05-2017
Full-time Automatiker, Elektroniker at AnaPico in Zurich 08-05-2017
Full-time Head of Manufacturing at AB2 BIO in Lausanne 08-05-2017
Full-time Sales Manager auf Provisionsbasis at Ticketfrog, Anywhere 08-05-2017
Part-time Interactive TV Praktikum (80-100%) at Filmwords in Zurich 08-05-2017
Part-time Internship / Full Time: Online Marketer (IT) at Avrios in Zurich 08-05-2017
Part-time Lawyer (part-time or internship) at digitalCounsels in Zurich 08-05-2017
Full-time Marketing Position at Flink at Flink in Zurich 08-05-2017
Full-time Business Intelligence Developer at frontiers in Lausanne 08-05-2017
Full-time Junior Online Marketing Manager at Ads and Figure in Bern 05-05-2017
Part-time Sales Manager Romandie (60%-100%) at EZYcount, Anywhere 05-05-2017
Full-time Research Associate DSP (f/m) at Numab AG in Zurich 05-05-2017
Full-time Optical and Electronics Engineer at OneDrop Diagnostics in Neuchâtel 05-05-2017
Full-time Camera Calibration Master at nomoko in Zurich 05-05-2017
Full-time Head of Marketing at ECUREX in Zurich 05-05-2017
Full-time Junior & Senior Support Technicians (EN, FR, DE) at iKentoo in Basel 05-05-2017
Full-time Kundenberater/-in (Kranken)Versicherungen (100%) at Anivo in Zurich 03-05-2017
Part-time Praktikum: Kursproduktion at Diplomero in Zurich 03-05-2017
Part-time Intern – Ux Design Software Engineer at Lambda Health System, Anywhere 03-05-2017
Full-time Business Development Manager at Lambda Health System, Anywhere 03-05-2017
Full-time Office Management at InvestGlass in Geneva 03-05-2017
Full-time Working for Micos at Micos in Zurich 03-05-2017

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