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Full-time Procurement Manager at hellofresh in Zurich 12-06-2017
Full-time Site Reliability Engineer & DevOps at VSHN AG in Zurich 12-06-2017
Full-time Front-end Software Engineer (Javascript / Angular2) at Pix4D in Lausanne 09-06-2017
Full-time Customer Support Manager at NetGuardians, Anywhere 08-06-2017
Full-time Bartender at Marriott marquis International hotels, Anywhere 07-06-2017
Full-time Frontend Developer at ginetta in Zurich 06-06-2017
Full-time Big Data Analyst at nexiot in Zurich 06-06-2017
Part-time Werkstudent Back-End Engineer at Cassantec in Zurich 06-06-2017
Part-time Oculus VR/AR Developer at Scientific Visual in Lausanne 06-06-2017
Full-time Backend Entwickler at Enersis suisse AG in Bern 06-06-2017
Full-time Performance and Capacity Software Engineer at Qnective in Zurich 06-06-2017
Full-time Head of IT at SONECT in Zurich 06-06-2017
Full-time UX Designer / Product Manager at Sharoo AG in Zurich 06-06-2017
Full-time Digital Ecosystem Creator at Integration Alpha in Zurich 02-06-2017
Full-time Lead Embedded Engineer at Distran GmbH in Zurich 02-06-2017
Full-time Internship Technical Project Coordinator at PXL Vision AG, Anywhere 01-06-2017
Full-time Internship - Compliance at Kroll, Anywhere 31-05-2017
Full-time Software Engineer 60 - 100 % at MOCO in Zurich 30-05-2017
Full-time Experte Testing/QS at Hubware in Bern 30-05-2017
Freelance Web Frontend Developer at TheSmarterPlace, Anywhere 29-05-2017
Full-time Web Project Manager at PIT Solutions GmbH in Zurich 29-05-2017
Full-time Senior Computer Science Researcher at Wealthport in Zurich 27-05-2017
Full-time Senior Front-End Web Engineer at Wealthport in Zurich 27-05-2017
Part-time Technical Co-founder / Software Engineer at Swoopstar, Anywhere 26-05-2017
Full-time International Business Development Associate at TC Holding AG in Weinfelden, Switzerland 26-05-2017
Full-time Professional/Senior Embedded Software Engineer at Swissprime Technologies (My Lock) in Zurich 24-05-2017
Full-time Berater & Produktmanager at swiss commerce, Anywhere 24-05-2017
Full-time Software Engineer JAVA at Xorlab in Zurich 22-05-2017
Full-time Low-Level Software Engineer at Xorlab in Zurich 22-05-2017
Full-time Full Stack Web-Developer/in at Additively in Zurich 22-05-2017
Full-time Head of Product Development (100%) at Wyss Zurich in Zurich 19-05-2017
Full-time Junior Software Developer at Clinerion in Basel 17-05-2017
Part-time Data Scientist at RegTechGo in Zurich 16-05-2017
Part-time Community Managers at Croqqer, Anywhere 16-05-2017
Full-time Software Engineer - React Native at Fision Technologies in Zurich 12-05-2017
Full-time Java Developer at EdgeLab in Lausanne 12-05-2017
Full-time Développeur PHP et Android at EDSI-Tech in Lausanne 12-05-2017
Full-time Développeur PHP et Android at EDSI-Tech in Lausanne 12-05-2017
Full-time Linux System Engineer at SecureSafe in Zurich 12-05-2017
Full-time Backend Java/JEE und Datenbank Software Engineer at SecureSafe in Zurich 12-05-2017
Full-time Software Engineer at Decodio GmbH in Zurich 10-05-2017
Full-time Senior Application Developer at Cashare, Anywhere 10-05-2017
Part-time Web developer with interest in Machine Learning at EZYcount, Anywhere 09-05-2017
Full-time Cross Plattform Developer Xamarin/Software Architect at Bitforge in Zurich 08-05-2017
Full-time Application Developer (80-100%) at Bitvoodoo in Zurich 08-05-2017
Part-time Full stack web developer at Additively in Zurich 08-05-2017
Full-time Devops Engineer (80-100%) at Bitvoodoo in Zurich 08-05-2017
Part-time Developer (internship) at apelab in Geneva 08-05-2017
Full-time Software Engineer Java at AppTornado GmbH in Zurich 08-05-2017

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